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Our team has been dealing with traffic for 7 years. We started our way in affiliate marketing as a network, but over time our professionalism grew, and as a result, our areas of interest expanded.

Today, among our partners, we have dozens of suppliers of "warm" leads, bases for recovery, or as they are also called, "second hand" traffic.

We can confidently talk about thousands of leads every day with registration dates from 1 week to 1-2-3 months.

Contact our managers for more detailed information.

Years of experience in this area
> 1600
Leads daily
> 100

We often hear from our partners who buy data for their call centers that live traffic does not pay off.

At the same time, the data bases, at its low cost, sometimes gives results comparable to live traffic.

Who is this suitable for

For beginners

For novice call centers, to train sales skills


Experienced call centers who know and can work effectively with the database


To everyone else who wants to reduce the cost of buying traffic and turn their agents from obedient kitty reading a script on a piece of paper into a real lion from the world of sales, masterfully selling you and your company for a decent price!


Those who are ready to earn a lot of money with minimal investment

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